Newly designed website

For-Tune Strings is proud to introduce its newly designed website.

Following the feedback from our customers and online marketing advisors, we have decided to give our website a brand new look. Our new website has a fresh appearance and is easy to navigate. We prefer simplicity which is why our website is very simple and clean with user-friendly features. We have created a menu which allow you to find any information you need about our company, products and services.

This website is just a start. We will add more content pages and functionalities over the coming months. We aim to provide you more simplicity, ease of use and the best product information. We are excited to launch our new website and we hope you will be provided from all the information you need.

Do you like the new design? Do you have any feedback or tips? We are planning to test and tweak the site quite a lot, and we couldn’t do it without our customers. Please let us know, we are listening!

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