Improving tradition



We are a family business that manufactures strings for bowed instruments and violin cases. Our extensive experience and the use of the latest technology allow us to improve tradition.

We are proud to invest our knowledge in creating innovative products that satisfy the needs of every musician. Thanks to the excellent teamwork of our R & D and marketing international teams and the passion of all the professionals involved in our project, our goal is to be an outstanding reference among performers, instrument makers and students.


At present, our company is employing more than 70 people organized in specialized teams. Working together to reach their objectives, the teams always aim at constant improvement and excellence.

our history

For-Tune Strings was established in Beijing in 1992 by Ms. Dan Meizhen, who had previously worked as a string maker in the National String Company of China for 20 years. During the four first years, we were researching and developing strings for classical instruments and for Chinese traditional instruments. In 1996 we also started designing and manufacturing violin cases, ranging from students’ cases to our exclusive CC Case.

Since 1999 well-known performers from Europe, Asia and the USA have helped us create strings for violin, viola, cello and double bass with our technological knowledge. The result are the new series Opal and Charm strings, which satisfied the initial performers’ particular needs and tastes, and met the highest quality standards.