At present, our company is employing more than 70 people organized in specialized teams. Working together to reach their objectives, the teams always aim at constant improvement and excellence.

We deeply promote equity and team spirit. Our purpose is to complement the individual strengths with the abilities of others, creating a sense of unity, enthusiasm and responsibility. Our team is motivated to overcome any challenge posed by our new products.

Every employee is an essential part of our company, of our products and of our projects. The sum of all of us makes our project better and better every day.



  • Mr. Luo Guo Feng
    Mr. Luo Guo Feng Production manager
  • Mr. Ma Hong Wei
    Mr. Ma Hong Wei Production manager
  • Mr. Liu Yan Bo
    Mr. Liu Yan Bo Engineering manager



Ms. Dan Meizhen

Beijing (China)

When I started in the business of making strings, in 1972, my dream was to manufacture the best strings in China. Now I am very happy to have achieved my dream thanks to the people who have joined the same path

Research & development manager

Mr. Curdin Coray

Basel (Switzerland)

A good idea is only one part of the success, one step towards excellence

Sales manager

Mr. Jin Ran

Beijing (China)

I wish more musicians joined us in creating an ideal sound

Financial manager

Mr. Jin Song

Beijing (China)

Good people working together make good business

Marketing manager

Mr. Jordi Palau

Barcelona (Spain)

It is a pleasure to work with people who enjoy being better and better every day