Swiss soloist cello player David Pia visits our string factory in Beijing – May 2017

Swiss cello player David Pia had a concert trip around China as a soloist, playing the Concert no. 2 D Major from F.J. Haydn for cello and orchestra, with the Orchestra des Staatstheaters am Gärtnerplatz (München, Germany).

David Pia is now playing a beautiful Stradivarius and performing with our Opal Titan cello A and D strings on it.

During this concert trip, David Pia visited our strings factory in Beijing. There, he had a very interesting talk with our development manager, Mr Curdin Coray, about the vast possibilities of Opal Titan Cello strings. At last, David Pia played his concerts not just with our Opal Titan cello A and D strings, but also with our G string – which is now still in development process.

David-Pia testing strings


David Pia rehearsal

David Pia concert

We congratulate Mr David Pia for his wonderful performance in the concert hall of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Unforgettable!

Thank you very much, Mr David Pia!