New strings will be presented by For-Tune strings in Frankfurt Musik Messe 2016

We are glad to inform you that our series of strings will increase in Frankfurt Musik Messe 2016!

The new CHARM strings for viola will complete our CHARM series. CHARM VIOLA strings offer a brilliant, full and warm sound. The balance between the four strings is perfect thanks to the use of steel and nylon in the core, and alloy and silver in the wound. The C string is very comfortable to play thanks to the Tungsten in its composition.

CHARM VIOLA strings are the best choice for synthetic viola strings thanks to the excellent relationship between quality and price.

OPAL series will also be updated with the new OPAL TITAN VIOLIN series, the last generation of high-quality synthetic-core strings. In Frankfurt Musik Messe 2016 we will present the OPAL TITAN VIOLIN E REFERENZ, a string that is the result of the best materials combination. Its sound is smooth as silk and strong as Titanium. It has a Titanium ball end and its packaged in a silk bag.

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