Opal Green Viola 16,5″ 2.D


Opal Green Viola are handmade strings with synthetic core. The use of kevlar in the A and D strings core avoids the traditionally annoying change of tone between the first and the second string. These strings offer a clear, warm, powerful and very uniform sound, without excessive tension. Its sound has a bright spectrum of overtones, similar to gut strings. Opal Green Viola gives you the possibility to choose between two A strings, a kevlar core string and a steel core string. We recommend the use of a fine tuner with D kevlar string.

Product Description

String set Note Core Wound Tension Color at tail piece Color at peg Code Price € (incl. VAT)
 Opal Green Viola 16,5″ 2.D Nylon Silver 6,2 Kg gold&green green,white&orange OGVA16DN2  28,36€

Additional Information

Weight 0.015 kg