Charm Kids Bass Tungsten 1/8


The CHARM KIDS BASS TUNGSTEN strings are a cutting edge innovation.
They are developed considering the kids’ fingers needs and thanks to the tungsten in their composition, they are easy to play.
CHARM KIDS BASS TUNGSTEN strings have a very intensive and warm sound.

Product Description

String set Note Core Wound Tension Color at tail piece Color at peg Code Price € (incl. VAT)
Charm kids bass tungsten 1/8 1.G Steel rope Alloy 19 Kg orange&brown white CHBT18G1
2.D Steel rope Alloy 21 Kg orange&brown yellow CHBT18D2
3.A Steel rope Tungsten Alloy 21,6 Kg orange&brown red CHBT18A3
4.E Steel rope Tungsten Alloy 22 Kg orange&brown black CHBT18E4
SET CHBT18SET5 149,99€

Additional Information

Weight 0.21 kg