Opal Gold Violin D String


OPAL GOLD VIOLIN are a modern innovation for the players who know that projection and balance across all four strings are key.
With a synthetic core, the use of the finest materials and a completely innovative construction system, OPAL GOLD VIOLIN strings offer a warm and focused sound
The perfect balance of volume, projection, and responsiveness of OPAL GOLD VIOLIN strings make them a great match for players who demand both power and control over their sound and help them to achieve their artistic goals and express their musical vision.
OPAL GOLD VIOLIN strings are designed to help you show off all your skills, bringing out the best in your playing and adding your own wisdom to your sound and interpretation.

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Product Description

String Note Core Wound Tension Color at tail piece Color at peg Code Price € (incl. VAT)
Opal Gold Violin D String D Nylon Silver 4,7 Kg red&gold twisted white&green ODVI44D3 21,85 €

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