Charm Violin 4/4 Set


CHARM VIOLIN strings combine the gut string rich sound with the synthetic string playing comfort. CHARM VIOLIN emit a light and colourful sound quality responding with high sensitivity to every nuance.

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Product Description

String set Note Core Wound Tension Color at tail piece Color at peg Code Price € (incl. VAT)
Charm violin 4/4 1.E Steel Alloy 7,5 Kg orange&red white 4,71€
2.A Nylon Aluminium 5,1 Kg orange&red yellow 9,49€
3.D Nylon Aluminium 4 Kg orange&red red 12,02€
4.G Nylon Silver 4,5 Kg orange&red black 16,48€
SET CHVI44SET5 42,70€

Additional Information

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