Opal Titan Violin front box
frontal-opal-titan-violin-dOpal Titan Violin front box

Opal Titan Violin 4/4 D


Opal Titan Violin strings are handmade synthetic core strings designed in Switzerland. They are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and the finest materials. Opal Titan Violin strings’ technical quality and precision grant a rich powerful sound, with a wide colour spectrum, brilliant and mellow at the same time. These strings allow the most sensitive players to reach the instrument’s full potential and offer the perfect balance between art and technology and provide optimum harmony between player and instrument.

Product Description

String set Note Core Wound Tension Color at tail piece Color at peg Code Price € (incl. VAT)
Opal Titan Violin 4/4 3.D Nylon Copper-Silver 4,6 Kg gold&green green&white OTVI44D3 20,44€

Additional Information

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